About Andy Katz


“Andy’s images are as evocative as cinema – every photograph tells an eloquent story.”– Audrey Wells, director of Under the Tuscan Sun

Andy Katz’s love of photography takes him around the globe. From the deserts of Namibia to the disappearing Jewish World of Eastern Europe to the rolling hills of the California wine country, his subjects range as broadly as his travels and adventures. Each journey for Katz is a new exploration of images. Katz discovered his passion for photography at a young age and is now a Sony Artisan of Imagery, one of only seven photographers representing Sony’s new cameras.

“The photographs of Andy Katz have the visionary quality that distinguishes all great work.”– Jonathan Silverman, author of a biography of the photographer Margaret Bourke White

Andy’s imagery has been featured on the covers of Doobie Brothers and Dan Fogelberg Albums. Over 6 million albums sold. Katz’s work is also featured in museums and galleries worldwide including his gallery in Healdsburg, California.

Katz has published 12 beautiful coffee table books, they have been described by vintners, photographers, critics and other readers as breathtaking.

“Andy Katz’ photographs have an air of quiet contemplation about them. These images are not only often beautiful, they are full of surprises. They make you want to be there; to listen, to breathe, to experience. Apart from actually standing there, these photographs are as good as it get.”– Sam Neill, Actor

“At times Katz’s photos are so dreamy as to blur the difference between still-life photography and an impressionist’s painting.”– James Laube, Senior Editor of The Wine Spectator

“Andy’s mastery of his medium, his artistry, and his dedication to his vision surely place him among America’s finest photographers.”– the late singer/songwriter, Dan Fogelberg, for whom Katz created several album covers.